How To Improve The Lead-Acid Battery In Top Speed ODM Racing Motorcycle To Make It Better?

Dec. 06, 2018

(1) Structure of lead-acid battery in Top Speed ODM Racing Motorcycle

If there is only a good quality battery plate, but there is no reasonable battery structure, then there will be no good quality battery. Therefore, only these two aspects have been achieved to ensure the quality of lead-acid batteries. However, at present, the main problem is that the aperture of the meridian hole on the battery cover is too small, which makes the injection difficult. If you don't pay attention, then the sulfuric acid will be sprayed back, which will hurt people and cause corrosion to the equipment. Therefore, we should enlarge the aperture so that it can be beneficial to the exhaust without leakage.

(2) Selection of lead alloy from ODM Racing Motorcycle Supplier

The aluminum alloy used in the lead-acid battery generally has a lead-bismuth-separation series, a lead-calcium-tin series, and a reduced lead. However, if you consider the battery characteristics and usage requirements, the most suitable is the lead calcium series. For the lead-bismuth series, if the content of bismuth is less than 1.5%, then it is also possible.

In addition to these two points, what we still have to do is:

Proper use and maintenance, proper charging and discharging, can also extend its service life.

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