OEM Scoopy Motorcycle Common Faults And Elimination Methods

Dec. 24, 2018

If we find that the OEM Scoopy Motorcycle is not lit, then we should check whether it has a bad bulb. Then we need to check whether the headlight switch is broken. In addition, we should check the wire or Is there a short circuit in the connector? The elimination of faults such as electric motorcycles is actually relatively simple, and it is sufficient to directly inspect and replace them.

In addition, if we find that its turn signal is not bright, it is usually because its flasher is damaged; in addition, it is necessary to check whether its turn signal switch is damaged; its wire or connector That is, there will be a short circuit.

In addition, as far as the failure of the spheroidizing agent is concerned, in terms of the left and right flashes, if it is not bright at the same time, the possibility of damage to the flasher is relatively large. When the left turn signal is not bright but the right turn signal is brighter, or the right turn signal is not bright but the left turn signal is brighter, so that is to say that its flasher is relatively intact, we should check its steering switch and its light bulb.

In addition, in the case where the Hot Sale OEM Scoopy motorcycle appears to continuously burn out the fuse. If its controller is damaged or the instrument is short-circuited, or it is a short circuit in its lamp holder, then it is a short circuit after its cable is broken; then it is the reverse connection of the positive and negative terminals of the battery, or After replacing the battery, use a battery case of another brand.

OEM Scoopy Motorcycle

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