Repair Program Of OEM Rickshaw

Dec. 26, 2018

Point one.

If there is water shortage in the battery of OEM Rickshaw, first add the liquid level to the standard interface. The battery is initially charged with an activation meter. For a battery of 40 AH or higher, it is charged with 5 amps of current, and the charge is raised to 14.7, and then the current is reduced to 3 amps. After the voltage rises again to 14.7 (the battery reacts frequently, bubbles are emitted, and the ability of the plate to receive power in the late stage of charging is poor. The electric energy is mostly used to electrolyze water, and the water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen. So bubbles appear). For batteries less than 40 ampere, use 3 amps of current. Then turn down to 2 amps of current. When activated, it can be adjusted in parallel with adjustable pulse.

Point two.

Move the full battery of Hot Sale OEM Rickshaw to the pulse adjustment and add the clip to the battery. Then adjust the current knob to adjust to 0.8 amps above 65 ampere, and adjust to 0.6 amps below 65 ampere. The electro-hydraulic specific gravity is then detected every 6 hours or 12 hours. Open circuit voltage, load voltage. Until the battery returns to normal. The electro-hydraulic specific gravity used to start the battery is generally around 1.25-1.28, and the specific gravity of the power battery is between 1.28 and 1.33.

Point three.

If the battery is turbid, OEM Rickshaw Factory should first explain to the customer that the battery is a scrapped battery. It can be repaired. Generally, the battery life should be considered. The start-up should be more than 3 years, less than 5 years. The battery repair rate exceeding the above years is greatly reduced. The power battery should be within 3 years (more to say), but generally less than 3 years, it can be very good to use 2 years. A turbid battery or a short-circuited battery needs to be discharged (0 volts) to drain the liquid (optional plastic container, enamel container, or ceramic smooth container to avoid corrosion of the container and environmental pollution) If there is a granular brown substance in the poured electro-hydraulic liquid, it is the particles of the positive electrode plate, and such a battery has no repair value. After pouring out the electro-hydraulic solution, the inside of the battery can be cleaned with clean water and then washed once with distilled water. It is better to pour out the water after it is clear. If the temperature is low, flush with boiling water to accelerate the dissolution of lead sulfate crystals. When cleaning, use a rubber hammer to vibrate the bottom of the battery. If the deposit is severe, drill the bottom of the battery and rinse the bottom with a special elbow and high pressure water.

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