OEM Racing Motorcycle Tells You What Are The Misunderstandings Of Helmet Use B?

Jan. 18, 2019

1. Small buckles and drawstrings are related to life, and the buckles and drawstrings cannot withstand a certain force and will break.

You may only know that riding a OEM Racing Motorcycle helmet should do some impact testing. However, the buckle and the strap should also be subjected to the corresponding tensile test. If the corresponding tensile test is not passed, it cannot be used on the motorcycle helmet. Therefore, a qualified motorcycle helmet, small buckles and drawstrings must pass the corresponding tests to be considered a true motorcycle helmet that meets the national safety certification test standards.

2. Wearing a OEM Motorcross helmet without strapping

Unfastening the sling of the motorcycle helmet may feel more comfortable, but if the head is hit, it will easily fly out, and naturally it will not be protected. Therefore, in order to protect the motorcycle helmet, please attach the motorcycle helmet to the belt at any time.

3. Wear a motorcycle helmet that is too wide or narrow

If the motorcycle helmet is not the right size, it is not able to protect your head from the impact, don't make the mistake of buying an unsuitable size motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmet wholesale To determine the correct size of the motorcycle helmet, first measure the maximum part of the head (usually 1 cm above the eyebrow), and then purchase the motorcycle helmet according to this measurement.

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