OEM Off Road Motorcycle Supplier Tell You The Maintenance Of Helmet

Apr. 08, 2019

1. OEM Off Road Motorcycle Supplier tell you the surface of the helmet is often stained with dust and oil, so wiping the surface is a common task.

When there is a smudge in the helmet, first use a damp cloth to clean the stains, then wipe with a water wax or polishing wax to clean the helmet. A helmet-specific brightener can also be used, which is more effective.

2 helmet internal maintenance

When you drive a China Motor Tricycle and use the helmet for a period of time, the inside of the helmet is sweating due to the head, the ventilation is not very good, there is oil accumulation, and an odor is generated. In this case, it should be cleaned. The detergent used is preferably neutral. In order to avoid the smell of the cleaning agent, the amount of use should be controlled. Do not use excessive force when scrubbing the inside of the helmet. Otherwise, the cushioning material inside will be deformed or damaged. After cleaning, wipe off the water with a towel or paper towel, and dry it in a ventilated place. Do not use a hair dryer.

3. Maintenance of helmet guard

When cleaning the mirror, since the mirror is a transparent device, be careful when cleaning. Add neutral detergent to the water, wipe the inside and outside with a soft cotton cloth, rinse with water, let it dry naturally. Wipe the water wax or anti-static agent on the outer surface to reduce the adhesion of dust and oil. The inside of the mirror is coated with anti-fogging agent to reduce the fog on the mirror when the weather is cold and driving at night.

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