How To Maintain The OEM Off Road Motorcycle In Summer A?

Mar. 05, 2019

Avoid exposure to high temperatures during the hot sun. The battery in OEM Off Road Motorcycle should be used during the hot season and avoid overcharging. In order to prevent excessive charging voltage, the battery temperature should be reduced as much as possible to ensure good heat dissipation. Exposure under the scorching sun will cause the temperature in the power box to rise sharply, causing the battery temperature to rise, resulting in an increase in the internal pressure of the battery during charging and an increase in the amount of water loss, thereby affecting the battery life of the OEM Cruiser Motorcycle. It is forbidden to charge in high temperature environment in summer. When the battery is charged, heat will be generated to increase the battery temperature. If the charging environment temperature is high, it will easily cause the battery to lose water and increase prematurely; if the battery is charged, the power box will be hot or not. The green light should promptly go to the after-sales service points to check the battery and add liquid maintenance of the electric tricycle.

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