OEM Off Road Motorcycle Driving Advanced Tutorial

Jan. 31, 2019

First, in order to maintain balance, you must adopt a sitting position and a half-squat driving posture in a timely manner on OEM Off Road Motorcycle. Sitting posture is generally used when going straight, turning, or slipping, because it is more laborious and saves as much as possible when saving physical strength. But regardless of the posture, the legs must always be clamped on both sides of the car body, unless you must extend your legs to support to maintain balance or do difficult skills in the air. Driving posture is the premise of mastering other skills, is the most basic content .

Second, Freight Motor Tricycle can go up and down a certain slope, but many drivers believe that there is no difficulty in doing so. In fact, this idea is very unrealistic, often frustrated because of the immature technology. Instead, you should follow the scientific method and practice repeatedly to master this driving technique. When going uphill, the center of gravity should be moved forward, and the upper body should be lying on the handlebars to prevent the front wheels from lifting. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to properly pulling back, increase the rear wheel load, avoid the rear wheel slipping, and make a drum up the top. It’s important to pause and try to stay until the end. It’s important to stick to the final confidence here. When the motorcycle reaches the top of the slope, bend the legs quickly and slow down at the same time. Try to slow down when going downhill. The brakes should be braked later, and the previous brakes are supplemented. When the downhill slopes, the arms and legs are straight, the waist is pulled back as far as possible, and the center of gravity moves back. In order to avoid the front wheel leaning forward when the front wheel encounters obstacles. At the same time, the handlebars should be twisted as little as possible, and the drums should be downhill, so as to avoid the rollover and the bottom of the slope.

OEM Off Road Motorcycle

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