Four Skills Of Helmet Anti - Fog

Mar. 20, 2019

1. Deal with the lens, put the lens in a special potion to make the water vapor on the lens unable to condense. That costs more.

2. Add a large nose mask to the face inside the helmet, so that the water vapor cannot be sprayed to the lens. The air pressure difference generated during the OEM Motorcross ride will draw the water vapor out of the helmet. The cost of this method is much lower and simpler for the first method.

3, in the helmet lens is sprayed with a layer of antifogging agent, the effect is also good, but often spray, more trouble.

4. The direction of air flow in the helmet is controlled by means of design. On the premise of ensuring the temperature in the helmet during winter riding, the water vapor in the helmet is extracted quickly to reduce the humidity in the helmet, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fog.

It is hard to clean the hard part. I do not recommend you to dig it or dry it with a cloth. You can first use liquid wax to soften it and wait for a minute or two. For the benefit of the lens wax is also nothing more than when it rains heavily, the outer layer of the lens is not easy to produce water film, but if it is really a heavy rain, then I suggest you or hurry to shelter from the rain, do not ride the High Quality Chopper Motorcycle.

There are all kinds of helmet of detergent, lens wipes package more than N label, useful spray foam cleanser, etc., in fact, I think no liquid wax, perhaps those from a spray cleaner can help remove dirt, but after wiping the surface paint, no effect, waxing ride for a long time the dirty or dirty.

There is also a lens cleaning wiper, which wipes the lens with the wet one first, and then wipes the lens with the dry one? But the dry material was a little rough, and I scraped the lens of my helmet. After all, it was a tissue, and the friction coefficient was certainly not as good as the cloth.

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