The Secret Of OEM Cruiser Motorcycle Frame A?

Jan. 25, 2019

If the engine is the "heart" of a OEM Cruiser Motorcycle, then the frame is the "skeleton" of the motorcycle. The frame is closely related to the handling performance of the motorcycle and the riding comfort. The frame supports the engine, providing a fixed position for the steering mechanism and the rear shock absorber, carrying the rider, passengers and their luggage, as well as providing installation positions for the fuel tank, battery, and the like.

Disassemble the outer casing of the OEM Chopper Motorcycle, remove the fuel tank, air chamber, battery and other accessories, you will see the role of these "bones" more clearly: in the front of the frame, we will find the steering head tube installed here; At the back of the rack, you will see the rear rocker arm here to connect with the frame. Some frames tightly embrace the engine, the purpose is to enhance the overall rigidity of the frame; but there are also the opposite, some motorcycles do not have a strict frame, you only see the front subframe and the rear subframe directly installed On the engine...

OEM Cruiser Motorcycle

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