ODM Racing Motorcycle Winter Driving Skills

Jan. 04, 2019

1. when driving ODM Racing Motorcycle, you should Observe and pay attention to the environmental conditions, keep an eye on the surroundings and observe the front at all times. Recognize the situation on the road you are driving. Always be alert to other drivers. Wild animals and stationary objects.

2. Assess the hazard and predict what will happen. Considering the route or behavior you choose will result in a result, consider the driving skills you want to use, and predict the consequences of your choices, then determine your choice.

3. Choose the best route that suits your abilities and the performance of your car. Choose the best route with the least obstacles. Always think about choosing to reduce the probability of danger instead of increasing it. Implement your decision. Thereby adjusting your speed, route and driving skills.

4. Carefully choose where you are riding. Don't try to cross the river you meet. Your 125CC Street Motorcycle is designed to travel through the snow, but you should avoid the water or go through a place that could damage your chassis. If you are not sure if the environment can pass. Choose an alternate route.

5. During driving, you should keep looking straight ahead and avoid dangerous slopes, potholes, rocks, and obstacles. If necessary, you may even need to get off the bus to check if the road ahead is safe. You should drive according to your own abilities. And consider the performance of the car. If you feel that you and your teammates can pass, be cautious and, if necessary, let the more experienced members of the group try.

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