How To Maintain ODM Motorbike In Summer B?

Mar. 18, 2019

1. Don't ride an ODM Motorbike in a rainy day. Summer is also the season of rain concentration. Electric vehicles have waterproof measures for controllers, batteries, motors, etc., but this does not mean that electric vehicles can be driven in rainy days. When riding on an electric car on a rainy day, especially on a heavy rainy day, it is easy to blow the electric car. Also don't park your car in the open air, because the battery of the electric car is most afraid of entering the water. Slight influent water only needs to be ventilated to dry; if it is more serious, it needs to be repaired. The most vulnerable to the influx of electric vehicles is the motor and the controller. Everyone should pay special attention to the depth of the water, and they can drive normally without exceeding half of the electric wheel.

2. Avoid sudden braking. Summer should also try to avoid sudden braking. When accelerating, especially when starting, you should slowly turn the handle, sometimes you can pause, and then continue to accelerate when the speed comes up. During the driving process, it is not advisable to start and brake frequently. If you need to brake, you can release the switch in advance and try to let the car run by inertia. In this case, not only can the battery damage be avoided by large current discharge, but also the mileage can be increased. If the OEM Off Road Motorcycle is running, please do not continue driving if it is low. You should charge it in time. Secondly, do not use the car for a long time, should be placed after full charge, and open the main switch of the circuit, to be recharged frequently.

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