Origin And Classification Of ODM Motorbike B

Feb. 25, 2019

ODM Motorbike is a favorite of nature lovers. It is good at driving mountain roads and rugged roads. The small body, long suspension and tires with special tread are the characteristics of off-road vehicles. Recently, they are favored by the market. The impact of the off-road vehicle's exterior shape also mimics the design of the MX and Trail for the competition.

Street car. The straight posture when riding is the characteristic of the street car. The street car is a practical type of car. Although it has a large displacement engine as the backing, the sports performance can not be compared with the sports car.

OEM Cruiser Motorcycle. Between the off-road vehicle and the street car, it has a high center of gravity and suspension trip. This is a variant of the car that meets the locomotive consumer market. This car has the spirit of a buggy in appearance, but if you want to cross the mountains and mountains, It is still recommended that you ride a buggy.

Retro car. What has been precipitated in history is the classic, retro style things are never out of fashion in any era. As people increasingly pursue personalized self-expression, many motorcycle enthusiasts are full of nostalgia and yearning for the motorcycle gentleman culture of the last century, and perform through personal preferences. In recent years, at the major motorcycle exhibitions, retro motorcycles have become an important force. Retro motorcycle is the condensed essence of motorcycle culture. It reflects the unique charm of motorcycle culture with its classical charm and modern sense of the times. It has conquered the majority of riders and is deeply favored by the pursuit of style.

Commercial vehicle. In addition to the function of the locomotive, the locomotive carries goods in the Asian region. It is also an important function of the locomotive. This type of car emphasizes simple maintenance, fuel-saving and durable. In Taiwan, such as the wolf, loves the car, gradually become a personalized modification. car type.

ODM Motorbike

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