Origin And Classification Of ODM Motorbike A

Feb. 21, 2019

First, the name and origin of the ODM Motorbike

Motorcycles in Taiwan are called "machine bicycles", referred to as "locomotives". They should be the English translation of the motorcycle. They are called "motorcycles" in Hong Kong and "motorcycles" in China. They are transliterations of motorcycles. What kind of title is meant to represent a motorcycle that is powered by an engine and electric oil.

The birthplace of motorcycles was in Europe and North America. The first locomotive in the world was made in 1769 by the French steamer Nicholas Cugnot. In Taiwan, during the Japanese period, during the Showa era, there was a locomotive. At that time, the fuel tank was installed on the bicycle frame, and the engine was added to the pedal and the sprocket, which is today's "machine bicycle."

Second, motorcycle type

Take Japan as an example. OEM Off Road Motorcycle are called "two wheels" and are divided into three categories: small ordinary automatic two-wheel, ordinary automatic two-wheel and large ordinary automatic two-wheel. Taiwan is a light-duty locomotive, heavy-duty locomotive and large heavy-duty locomotive. , three category titles. Light locomotives refer to motorcycles with a displacement of 50 cc, heavy locomotives refer to motorcycles with a displacement of less than 250 cc, and large locomotives refer to motorcycles with a displacement of more than 250 cc.

ODM Motorbike

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