ODM Motorbike Driving Skills

Feb. 01, 2019

The ODM Motorbike can use the inclined surface steering and its own oblique steering when steering while driving. Steering with its own tilt has brake steering and throttle acceleration steering. When using the brake to turn, the motorcycle can enter the curve faster, hold the clutch on the left, press the handlebar in the direction of the turn, tilt the body, slam the rear brake while the body is tilting outward, and lock the rear wheel. It will rotate horizontally. When it is turned to the direction of travel, quickly add the throttle, loosen the clutch, and the motorcycle will rush out in a new direction. When using the throttle to accelerate the steering, the lower gear should be used, the clutch should be pulled by the left, the weight of the motorcycle itself is naturally tilted, and one foot is stepped in the direction of the turn. The other foot is on the pedal pole, the knee is close to the body, and the body is tilted outward. When the body is tilted to a sufficient angle, the throttle is quickly added and the clutch is loosened. Then the rear wheel starts to center on the left foot. Rotate, when you turn to the desired direction, quickly erect the body and body, and the OEM Cruiser Motorcycle rushes out in a new direction.

To drive on uneven roads, master the following skills:

The upper body is always naturally relaxed, while bending forward slightly, never rigid, so as to change. The knees are clamped to the body to make the lower body and the body united. The hips are off seat and in a semi-erect position. This way, when the motorcycle travels on a seesaw-like road surface, it will violently sway and sway, but the body can still maintain a good balance. It is important to note that the control of the clutch and throttle must be tacit, otherwise the body may be tilted forward or backward. In this way, we will certainly get more enjoyment in off-road activities.

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