Motor Tricycle OEM Supplier Tell You What Are Misunderstandings Of Helmet Use B?

Mar. 04, 2019

1. Motor Tricycle OEM Supplier tell you the helmet can not broken or overdue

If it is cracked, don't use it. It's just a comfort in your heart. It doesn't have much substantive use. If you don't care if you have a small bump, but once you crash, the wholesale power of the motorcycle helmet is not enough. To protect. Don't underestimate a crack, it has changed the force and component of the motorcycle helmet in physical structure.

2. Wearing a motorcycle helmet from Motor Tricycle OEM Manufacturer without strapping

Unfastening the sling of the motorcycle helmet may feel more comfortable, but if the head is hit, it will easily fly out, and naturally it will not be protected. Therefore, in order to protect the motorcycle helmet, please attach the motorcycle helmet to the belt at any time.

3. Wear a motorcycle helmet that is too wide or narrow

If the motorcycle helmet is not the right size, it can't protect your head from the impact. Don't make a mistake to buy a motorcycle helmet of the wrong size. Motorcycle helmet wholesale To determine the correct size of the motorcycle helmet, first measure the maximum part of the head (usually 1 cm above the eyebrows), and then purchase the motorcycle helmet according to this measurement. Since motorcycle helmets tend to be small, medium, and large, you may only be able to buy a relatively suitable size, and then use the size adjuster to rotate the button to adjust to the most suitable size. After wearing the motorcycle helmet, turn the motorcycle helmet from one side to the other, from the front to the back, and feel comfortable to wear. If it is too loose or too tight, you need to continue to adjust or replace it.

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