Motor Tricycle OEM Supplier Tell You What Are Misunderstandings Of Helmet Use A?

Feb. 28, 2019

1. Motor Tricycle OEM Supplier tell The lighter the helmet, the better.

Relatively speaking, motorcycle helmets are as light as possible. But the lighter the riding motorcycle helmet, the less likely it is to test the national safety certification test standards, the higher the motorcycle helmet wholesale price will be.

2. The bigger the hole of the motorcycle helmet or the more the wind

Breathability is the key to motorcycle helmets which buy from 125CC Street Motorcycle Supplier, ensuring your head is dry during long rides. The more vents on a motorcycle helmet or the larger the airflow around your head, the more cool you are. However, please keep in mind that the more or more vents on the motorcycle helmet, the more your head is exposed, so the degree of protection is reduced accordingly. Road bike motorcycle helmets have more or larger venting holes than mountain bike motorcycle helmets. Similarly, road cyclists have to consider the weight factor of motorcycle helmets compared to mountain bikers. In general, the lighter the motorcycle helmet, the more expensive it is. Therefore, unless you are trying to make a bicycle race, you should try to reduce your own weight. Otherwise, it is not worth the extra money to buy an ultra-lightweight bicycle and motorcycle helmet.

3. Small buckles and drawstrings are related to life. The buckles and drawstrings cannot withstand a certain force and will break.

You may only know that riding a motorcycle helmet should do some impact testing. However, the buckle and the strap should also be subjected to the corresponding tensile test. If the corresponding tensile test is not passed, it cannot be used on the motorcycle helmet. Therefore, a qualified motorcycle helmet, small buckles and drawstrings must pass the corresponding tests to be considered a true motorcycle helmet that meets the national safety certification test standards.

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