What Are The Points In Lead-Acid Batteries For Curved Beam Motorcycle?

Dec. 17, 2018

Lead-acid batteries for Curved Beam Motorcycle, in terms of aspects, generally have the following aspects:

(1) grid alloy

It is the basis of the battery, mainly requires the performance of the alloy to be good, which can be divided into two types: the positive plate grid alloy and the negative grid alloy. For the positive plate grid alloy, the two main types are the ordinary six-member low-alloy alloy and the lead-calcium quaternary alloy. For the alloy for the negative grid, the general lead-calcium-tin-aluminum alloy can be used in the amount, and it is not necessary to contain 0.1%-0.6% tin, which can facilitate the operation of the casting grid.

(2) Preparation and curing of lead paste

For lead paste in ODM Cheap cruiser Motorcycle Supplier, it is mainly required to have a high utilization rate of active materials in order to achieve a large capacity. Further, during use, the positive electrode active material is not easily softened, and the negative electrode active material is not easily sulfated. Moreover, they have better bonding with the grid and are not easy to fall off.

For curing, it is required to be carried out under certain parameters such as temperature and time so as to achieve good curing effect.

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