Cub Motorcycle Supplier Explain Helmet Quality Identification

Apr. 04, 2019

Texture: Cub Motorcycle Supplier tell you the helmet is usually made of foamed material and has a smooth shell surface.

Lining: It is the part of the inner side of the helmet that is in contact with the head. It can improve the wearing comfort during normal times and create a cushioning effect when the head is hit.

Wind resistance effect: The helmet puts the human hair in the helmet, which has reduced the wind resistance of the head. For the friends who are keen to improve the speed, the influence of the helmet shape on the wind resistance is also worthy of attention.

When you drive a Bajaj Three Wheeler, it can anti-collision, preventing branches and leaves from hitting, preventing flying stones from hitting, diverting rain, venting, and speeding up. The helmet with the brim can protect the sun, and the reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental collision when riding at night.

Wearing comfort: mainly because of the personal feeling of weight, lining, lacing and head circumference. Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck and limit the impact on the impact. Improve the protection effect.

Breathability: The long-term insufficiency of the head can adversely affect the scalp and make the rider feel uncomfortable.

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