Method And Skill For Replacing China Motor Tricycle Drum Brake Pads

May. 11, 2019

1. Remove the guard plate and disassemble the half shaft screws in China Motor Tricycle. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to gently squat down the circumference of the guard plate, you can see the half-axis wire, with edges, blocked by the "pin". The pin can prevent the tightened screw from coming off, so the pin can not be ignored, can not be removed! If you remove the semi-axial wire, if it is forcibly removed, it will easily break the screw and “slip” and hurt your hand.

Tip: Look for the T-shaped steel bar, tap on the half-axis screw ribs, gently a few times, then take out the spring washers, screw the half-axis screws parallel to the half-axis, and tap the hammer with a parallel force. At this time, the brake "wolf" will move slightly, and it will be removed by hand.

2. Go to the old brake pads and check the brake discs and rocker arms. The brake pads are well removed, and the hand is buckled off, and the hand brakes the lower brake arm. Whether it is flexible or not, it is likely that there is rust.

Tip: Remove the rocker arm. When you take the rocker arm, you can't use the hammer brute force to smash it. It is more dexterous to use the rust remover to spray and rotate. Check if the brake disc has a bumpy feel.

3. Replace the new brake pads. When installing a new brake pad, it is best to apply proper butter on the fixed column and the swinging arm of the rocker arm and the spring of the brake block to make it more flexible. Remember that the brake pad should not be stained with oil, otherwise the brakes will not brake or the brakes will have strange sounds. It will also reduce friction.

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