Rainy Season China Motor Tricycle Tire Maintenance Knowledge

Mar. 27, 2019

Be careful of the depth of the tread pattern

The pattern on the tire of China Motor Tricycle is not engraved for the sake of beauty. The biggest task is to squeeze the road area water, make the tire contact with the ground to generate friction and catch the ground. When the pattern of the tire is too shallow, in addition to poor drainage, the heat generated under the tire can not be discharged in time, so that the temperature of the tire rises. When the brake is urgent, the tire is prone to puncture. It is especially important to check the depth of the tread.

Reasonable control of tire pressure

On rainy days, some drivers deliberately let off some of the air in the car's tires, or wait until after the rainy day to ventilate the tires that are obviously out of pressure. This is the wrong approach. The tire tire pressure reduction will reduce the ability of the tire to discharge the ground rainwater, and even form a water floating state, which causes the OEM Chopper Motorcycle tire to slip and reduce the road surface adhesion. Therefore, if the tire continues to maintain a low pressure state, it is prone to side slip and tail, which poses a safety hazard.

Have good driving habits

The recommended maintenance method we give is to drive correctly, do not drive at high speed, try to avoid potholes, avoid turning sharply, and park in dry and cool places to maximize the life of the tire.

Rainy tire maintenance is essential, and we must pay attention to the method. I hope that the small tire tires' suggestions can help you to ensure the safety of driving.

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