Why Is The Battery Losing Electricity?

Apr. 25, 2019

There are many reasons for the battery in China Electric Trikes to lose electricity. It is not caused by the aging of the battery. The temperature is lowered, the battery quality, the driving habits of the owner, and the in-vehicle electrical appliances may cause the battery to lose power.

Generally speaking, the battery of the China Motor Tricycle should be replaced in about three years. Many owners feel that the battery does not need to be replaced as long as the battery does not go wrong, so many batteries that have been used for more than three years are more prone to sudden loss of power in winter. Some owners have changed the battery for the sake of cheaper, and changed the battery of poor quality. It is good in summer. Once the temperature is lowered, it will expose the problem of lower than the standard storage capacity. The battery is inevitable.

The loss of electricity in a new car less than one year may have a lot to do with the usual driving habits. Since many vehicles are now automatic headlights, many owners do not turn off the lights when they stop. This saves time, but continuous discharge will also affect the battery. If you don't control the headlights automatically, you can forget to turn off the headlights or other equipment. After parking for one night, you will definitely lose power the next morning.

Nowadays, there are more and more vehicle-mounted devices. If the owner adds some air purifiers, chargers, and high-powered audio to the car, it will increase the burden on the battery and affect the battery life.

In addition, the battery will also have "running electricity", so sometimes the car will not catch fire if it is not open for a long time. Especially with the battery for two or three years, you may have less battery power for two or three days.

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