How To Choose And Maintain An Bajaj Three Wheeler?

May. 09, 2019

To buy an Bajaj Three Wheeler, you must first choose a brand. Good brands are guaranteed in quality and after-sales service.

Followed by the configuration of electric tricycles. Some important components, such as motor (no shortage of casing, no bump, no deformation), battery (production date), controller (all functions are not missing), charger (no function, perfect color, fine joint), tire (no wear) The traces and the device are correct), the brakes (sensitive, good braking function), etc.

The daily protection and maintenance required for electric tricycles, the correct daily protection and maintenance of electric vehicles can not only facilitate safe riding, but also extend the life of electric tricycles.

Second, choose the model. Different models, their safety and application functions are quite different.

It is recommended to purchase the road surface and the electric tricycle that are suitable for the environment to ensure your use.

Next we will look at the appearance of the electric tricycle and the ride.

The electric tricycle factory has indicated that it should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, the paint surface is bright and shiny.

2, welding quality.

3, the thickness of the board, tapping with a finger to feel the thickness of the sheet.

4. Carrying out riding, feeling the start, travel, acceleration of the vehicle, whether it is stable, stable, and whether there is abnormal noise.

Bajaj Three Wheeler

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