What Are The Regular Maintenance Of 125CC Street Motorcycle?

Nov. 23, 2018

The regular maintenance of the 125CC Street Motorcycle can generally be divided into three parts: first-level, second-level and third-level maintenance. The specific contents are as follows:

(1) Level 1 maintenance

a. Lubricate the lubrication part for lubrication, and tighten some exposed bolts, nuts, etc.

b. Clean the carburetor, air filter, etc., remove the carbon deposit, and adjust the electrode gap.

c. If the cable connector is in good contact, check and adjust the clutch.

(2) secondary maintenance

In addition to the level of maintenance of Motorcycle from 125CC Street Motorcycle Supplier, there are:

a. Check the wear of the brake pads and replace them.

b. Check the axial and radial runout of the front and rear wheels to meet the specified requirements.

(3) Level 3 maintenance

In addition to the secondary maintenance content, there are:

a. Decompose and inspect the clutch, if it is necessary to replace the spring piece or the friction plate.

b. The brush and commutator of the generator and starter are worn out seriously and need to be replaced.

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