How Should We Do The Work Of 100CC Street Motorcycle Maintenance?

Nov. 26, 2018

For the 100CC Street Motorcycle, if we want to get good maintenance results, then we should do the following aspects before we can achieve the goal. The main ones are:

Aspect 1: The charger cannot be replaced at will, do not remove the speed limit function on the controller.

If you are not sure, do not replace the charger easily. And to control the speed limit function on it, if it is removed, although it can increase the speed of the vehicle, it will reduce the safety of driving and shorten the service life of the battery.

Aspect 2: To protect the charger

The charger should not be placed in the trunk and basket of the bicycle which from 100CC Street Motorcycle Manufacturer to avoid vibration or bumps, which affects its use. During the charging process, the charger must have good ventilation, otherwise it will cause damage.

Aspect 3: Charging every day, and charging in time

The battery is charged every day so that it can be placed in a shallow cycle to extend its life. Also charge in time to keep the battery full.

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